Busy Christmas

Hi dolls!!!  Christmas this year has gone so fast, right?

I had very fun and busy days. I went to the Child Adoption Center and met amazing  kids. Got them a  lot of presents and sweets. Did a small concert and spent such a great time with all of them. They are such a little angels! I had a lot of fun.

Then I had a great Christmas Eve with my family.  It was the first Christmas for my three-month-old puppy Diva! She got a lot of toys and other stuff.  I think Diva enjoyed her first Christmas haha

Then on Christmas day I had an amazing concert. Was so fun and I was very happy to see all the people who came there.  I hope everyone enjoyed the show:)

Now tell me about your days! What did you give/get for this Christmas?

Here are a few photos from my Christmas days 🙂





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